Daniel Craig Makes Splash as New James Bond in Casino Royale

In the modernized remake of the 1967 screenplay, the new Casino Royale introduced another actor into its stable of James Bond role-players. This edition of Casino Royale stars British actor Daniel Craig as the new James Bond and is the 21st Bond movie. The 1967 version starred actor Peter Sellers as the James Bond character.

The James Bond character had most recently been played by Pierce Brosnan in the hit film series’ last 4 installments: Goldeneye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough (1999), and Die Another Day (2002). Fans and followers of the film series worried that the changing of the proverbial guard would decrease the quality of action in the new film. Some even protested the change to actor Daniel Craig.

However, Craig wowed those who gave him a chance to prove himself with Casino Royale. Daniel Craig, who is best know for his roles in The Jacket (2005) and Munich (2005), was selected as the new James Bond after the series had almost a 4 year absence from the Silver Screen. The events of Casino Royale take place at the beginning of the James Bond timeline.

During the movie, Bond is first promoted to 007 status, and then quickly moves on to stop an attempted terrorist strike on the Miami International Airport. Bond’s expeditions then carry him into a full fledged poker stakes game against the mastermind behind the terrorist plot Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen. The poker tournament provides the major of the meat of the plot for Casino Royale. The stakes game provides the audience with riveting action that is sure to please movie-goers.

Audiences also got a treat by watching French actress Eva Green play the “Bond Girl” Vesper Lynd. Green’s character Vesper Lynd accompanies James Bond to the poker tournament and the two fall in love. Lynd tames Bond and the twists and plot of this action-packed thriller ensue. The on-screen connection between Daniel Craig and Eva is what makes this film one of the better installments of the Bond series. The ending between these two is one that will reverberate into the coming editions of 007 movies.

Overall, Casino Royale scores an 8 out of 10. The screen play, action scenes, and connection between Craig and Green make this a hit. Audiences were stunned at Daniel Craig’s ability to carry this series to the next level. Casino Royale is a must see for Bond fans and action junkies. Audiences will also appreciate the on-screen character relationships. Be sure to look for the 22nd installment in this series in 2008, which has yet to be named. The 2008 version will feature Daniel Craig again and it will be a continuance of events from Casino Royale.

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