Casino Royale Fails to Live Up to Bond Standards

A couple of days ago I went with my friends to the movie theatre to see the new James Bond film: Casino Royale. What I saw was a huge disappointment. I am a huge James Bond film and I have seen every film and I thought that this film was a huge disappointment. If you are a James Bond fan that you should see this film but I warn you ahead of time, prepared to be disappointed.

The film is based on the first James Bond book, Casino Royal and from the very first clip of the film, it is a disappointment. The film’s first scene is a black and white picture of James Bond killing a man in one of his first killings as a 007 agent. The scene lacks action and punch and the black and white gives the scene a dull effect.

Next comes the credits scene which in past Bond movies has centered around hit songs and colorful scenes of women, guns, money and gold. Instead, I was bored for a good ten minutes it seemed as the credits of executive producers and actors seemed to go on and on while the film stopped momentarily for an eternity.

The credits depicted cards and gunmen in all cartoon drawings which were horribly done. As a viewer, you wanted to say, enough already, show me the film!

Daniel Craig is the new James Bond and let me tell you that he is no Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connory. However, he is better than Roger Morris and does a decent job of playing James Bond.

Overall, this film lacked action, explosives, high thrills, gadgetry and the feel of a James Bond film. Perhaps I have been spoiled by all of the great films that Pierce Brosnan has produced in recent years. However, I was disappointed. The scenes that Bond is playing poker or fighting bad guys were overall good but not great. However, in the last half hour of the film, the film became dull and cumbersome. The scene between Bond and his lover were drawn out too much and the action did not resume for a while until the very end of the film.

I have no idea if this will be Daniel Craig’s last Bond film but I hope his next film will be much better and not such a disappointment.

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