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NetEnt has not saved their resources when it comes to colouring in Starburst, which offers a neon party from the ’80s. Beautiful gems fly around on a background inspired by space. It feels fitting to use the word retro to describe both the feel and look of this popular slot machine. 

But, who has the Starburst casinos? And what should you be looking for when you want to play at Starbursts casinos? Don’t worry! We have created the biggest list regarding starburst casinos on the web. But first, these are the best Starburst casinos on the web:

Starburst is a stripped-down game that still holds a high graphic level!

The sound effects in Starburst bring to mind the space mentioned above theme and are neither too distinct nor too dull. The melodies are happy, and you stay in a good mood – if you prefer to play without sound, the background sound can easily be turned off. When luck is on, and you get winning combinations on the playing field, the screen is lit up by your shimmering winnings that come often.

Starburst is a popular casino game

The game has become a success since its release and is in many online casinos, one of the most played slot machines. No one probably finds this strange as the graphics are outstanding, the profits big and that you can win from both left and right.

It is a simple but entertaining castle machine with generous prices. With classic symbols, the game Starburst combines a retro atmosphere with cosmic music, space theme in the background and bright neon-coloured graphics. Lively coloured and sparkling jewel symbols make this 5-reel and ten payline slot machine an entertaining arcade game. The game has a jackpot worth $ 2500, and the game has everything from free spins, stacked symbols and the exceptional Starburst Wild feature. 

The 5 reels and 3 rows will be filled with shiny stones as well as the classic slot machine symbols 7: an and BAR’s . “Is this all?” You may be thinking now. No, the most important and best symbol is still not mentioned – the expanding flower! This flower can be seen on lines 2, 3 and 4, and when it does, the whole chain becomes wild, which means it replaces all other symbols to create more natural profit paths for the player. With maximum flow, it appears at the same time on the three middle wheels, and then the Big Win is a fact!

  • The world’s most successful slot
  • Wild function with resp
  • Fantastic music & sound effects

Although this type of casino game means you can’t always win, we think you will find that Starburst is very relaxing and entertaining. Whether you win or lose, you will have fun and relax because of the enjoyable gaming experience with soothing sounds that help you relax and forget about all your worries. 

It should be mentioned that Starburst is a slot machine that should appeal to all types of players. Coin bets range from $ 0.01 to $ 1, with the option of betting up to 10 coins per spin on one of the 10 paylines. This allows for a gamble ranging from $ 0.10 to $ 100, which should satisfy both risk-takers and more careful players.

Starburst Wilds  

If you have read the above text, then you know in a sense how Starburst Wilds work. Starburst Wilds are the game’s special symbols and, in our opinion, are the significant factor for the success rate. 

The fact that you can spin three consecutive pieces, and get up to three extra spins with these activated, causes one to burn a little extra for the game. This feature is brilliant! It’s not like when you win ten free spins in any other slot machine and are not guaranteed any winnings, if you see three flowers in rows 2, 3 and 4 then you can be convinced that it hits hard on the next spin! So try planting as many seeds as you can before you start playing Starburst.

You can play Starburst for as little as € 0.1 with all ten lines, which is recommended if the player wants to take advantage of all the winning ways. It is then possible to increase the bet by adjusting the level and coin value down in the game window. The highest possible bet is € 100.

Play Starburst on your mobile

If you like playing at the casino on your mobile or tablet, Starburst is really recommended. Starburst was one of the first games that NetEnt developed for mobile and tablets. With Starburst Touch, you get a really sharp gaming experience with pretty much the same features as your computer. Unfortunately, you cannot play Starburst Touch directly on your mobile without registering, so for those of you who want to try the game, we recommend that you create an account at one of many online casinos that offer Starburst on mobile and tablet.

Play Starburst for free

For those who want to play Starburst for free, I’d say its a great choice! Most online casinos offer a demo mode where you can play for “fake money”. This is a great way to try the game without risking a single penny.

Some online casinos don’t even require an account to play Starburst for free. This is one of the gaming market’s most popular slot machines, and therefore also game casinos usually give free spins on. Often, for example, gaming operators offer free spins on Starburst as part of a welcome bonus. There are also opportunities to get free spins during the course of the game. 

The star symbol is easily recognizable with its rainbow-coloured embellishment, and you can spin it on the second, third and fourth wheels. The star has a classic wild feature where it replaces other symbols with the aim of creating winning combinations on the reels. After distributing any wild winnings, the wheels with stars are locked while the other wheels spin again.

Should you then get another star expanding on the spinning reels, the re-spin feature will be activated again. This time with even more wild- covered reels, and can result in up to three re-spins in a row ! So you get a lot of chances of winning in addition to what you paid for and thus the wild symbol has a lot to offer you as a spinner.

Freespins in Starburst

The highlight of this game is undoubtedly the innovative Starburst Wild feature, which promises a high chance of winning. When wild symbols appear on any of the middle wheels, they expand to occupy an entire wheel. To make it more exciting, not only does the wild symbol replace all other symbols, but it also gives a free spin every time it appears. 

Also, if the wild symbol is displayed during a freespin, it will expand and remain in place with any previously developed wild symbols in up to three free spins. If you get an extra wildcard symbol during a free spin, you will be rewarded with another free spin. Up to five free spins can be granted under this feature, which means you can generate some significant winnings if you are lucky enough to get a decent bonus round. 

Of course, we must also mention that the lion’s share of the free spins that casinos distribute to new players is in Starburst – probably given its popularity. Lots of betting companies offer Starburst Free Spins as a welcome bonus. The normal is between 10 and 20 at registration. But the number of Starburst Free Spins can be much more than that. Some casinos offer up to 500 free spins, and even more than that! Below are a couple of online casinos that offer Starburst Free Spins upon registration and deposit: 

The unique features of Starburst

If you like special features in slot machines, you will be pleased to know that Starburst has two entertaining special features that you will love. The two unique features are called Starburst Wild and Win Both Ways, and these are individual bonus rounds. The first bonus round provides free spins, and you can read more about it under the Freespins section. Win Both Ways is more or less exactly as it sounds, i.e. a way to win both ways. 

It does not matter which path a winning combination takes on the reels because you will be rewarded with the corresponding payout, regardless of whether the combination appears from left to right or from right to left. We recommend that you review the paytable for this game if you are interested in learning about the many different winning combinations possible. Or, you can simply hover your mouse over each symbol on the reels as you play, to see payout information for every single symbol.  

No complicated bonus game 

Starburst’s simple gameplay is probably a big reason for the slot’s ever-increasing popularity since its launch in 2012. It is a game that beginners can quickly get started with, and NetEnt has chosen to bet on a scaled-down scheme without complicated elements such as bonus.

Instead, it is the Starburst star who plays the central role of the game with the function of generating winning combinations and clutches at the cashier.

Easy play on the go 

NetEnt is one of the market’s leading game developers, and as a game from the player’s portfolio, Starburst is available for mobile gaming. You can play Starburst from all types of platforms such as computers, mobiles and tablets.

It also doesn’t matter if you use, for example, iOS – or Android systems – both work equally well, and your gaming experience will be the same. As long as you have a relatively modern mobile device with proper graphic resolution and more or less spacious screen, Starburst, with its colourful theme, will be a great experience.

Excellent RTP level and many chances to win 

Starburst has an RTP of 96.09%, which is more than approved and is in line with what NetEnt’s slots usually offer in a refund ratio. When you play on this slot machine, you can count on many gains thanks to the game’s low volatility, although they may not end up in such large amounts. 

Starburst casino

RTP is the repayment ratio of your bet, and if it is above 96%, it is usually considered a reasonable level within the industry. And even if Starburst distributes many smaller winnings, you can win up to 50,000 coins.

The terms and conditions applicable to Starburst Free Spins are available on the casino’s website. 

Starburst Jackpot

Unfortunately, Starburst offers no jackpot. But here is still a lot of money to gain. The maximum profit on Starburst is at € 50,000, which is indeed a lot of money to win at a casino. Don’t you agree?

For beginners 

NetEnt, the creator of Starburst, has the unique ability to produce stripped-down, yet entertaining slots. In this case, Starburst offers an exciting concept that may not yield the highest profits, but on the other hand, there is a chance of many clutching at the till. 

Complicated rules or complicated functions have been set aside to focus on a simple and clear layout.

It is enough to keep an eye out for the rainbow-coloured Starburst star who holds the game’s primary role with its desirable wild feature. The symbol replaces the other symbols to create winning combinations, and you also have the chance to win from either side of this slot machine. There is no bonus round to wait here, but a new setup that can generate in several re-spins.

Starburst has an excellent RTP of 96.09%, and as the game has low volatility, this means opportunities to win smaller amounts many times. However, if it is your big day, there is still the chance of the biggest prize of 50,000 coins. In other words, Starburst generates both profits and entertainment.

It was 2012 that NetEnt launched Starburst, which quickly became a favourite among players. Today, many online casinos use the slot machine as a lure where, for example, free spins on Starburst are given away in conjunction with welcome offers. A popular game like this can, of course, be played even on the go via mobile or tablet. Your experience will be just as good no matter what platform you play from!

Starburst Bonus Game

Bonus games are missing at Starburst. Instead of focusing on a story or cool animated bonus games, Starburst has some cool features. Things like winnings go in both directions, and expanding wilds mean that Starburst has some unique and exciting opportunities when it comes to the essential element for slots, namely the chance to win!


Anyone who has not yet tried Starburst has missed something extraordinary. It is not without reason that NetEnt games are the most played online. They simply have an excellent quality of games, and Starburst is just one of few.

Starburst is a colourful and incredibly stylish slot. That’s the first thing you’ll notice. The graphics are bright and colourful, and the sound clear and unambiguous. But that is not the main reason for playing Starburst. What makes Starburst a vibrant and exciting slot is its gameplay with lots of excellent features.

So what is there to say about this online slot? We give a big thumbs up! Starburst is a very sharp classic, and we hope that the castle will remain for several more years.

We take to space in the most recognized slot among online casino slots in the entire gaming industry – Starburst! In this classic NetEnt casino game, you can test your luck among shimmering gems in a perfect combination of features that form an online casino’s optimal game that works on all kinds of SMS-Bill casinos.

Starburst Casino 

The symbols in Starburst consist of gemstones of different colours, a “bar stripe ” and a “red seven.” Starburst does not offer the double up, free spins or jackpot features, but instead offers a Wild symbol in the form of a brilliant and colourful star that activates a unique feature. The Wild symbol appears in the second, third and fourth reels and expands throughout the coil, replacing symbols to help you achieve a winning combination. As soon as the Wild symbol is triggered, you are awarded a re-spin, and the entire wheel holds its position. If you manage to land another winning combination, you get one to re-spin. You can get at most three re-spins in succession.

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